Hiyo!! =^.^=

  1. Jaaaaaaaaayyyyyde!!! :3


    oh arro :D

    I forgot I had this thing! xD 

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  2. Jaaaaaaaaayyyyyde!!! :3

  3. Time to doodle @ 12AM!!

    Gastly then Bulbasaur!!!

  4. 151 Pokemon Challenge!!!

    I will take on the 151 Pokemon challenge!!!  (No.. not catching them all.. I already did that in pokemon blue) BUT!! I wanted to draw all of the 151 pokemon to practice drawing. Yes, it may sound lame.. but I think it kinda gives me something to do. Thus, I will draw all the original 151 pokemon and it probably won’t be in order because that is how I roll…  So far, I have drawn psyduck and shellder. Woooot! I’ll post pics…. whenever I get the chance! :3

  5. You idiot…

    Stop being a douchebag kkthxbye.

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